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Greg Stanton

Greg Stanton

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Vice President
U.S Business Development

Greg Stanton

Greg Stanton is a longtime Pork Rind expert. The founder of Lee’s Pig Skins, Greg graduated from Southern Mississippi University with a BS in business management, and purchased Lee’s in the early 90’s – building a beloved brand by focusing on the C-store, vending and prison segments. Greg sold his business to the Rudolph Foods family in 2008, and has been instrumental in helping to guide the strategic direction of the Rudolph Foods corporation ever since.

Specifically, with Rudolph Foods, Greg developed an additional presence in the High Density Hispanic Grocery channel with two initial customers, and has since then grown the business nearly six fold. Today, Greg develops products unique to the Hispanic consumer channel, as well as a unique go to market distribution strategy that has proven to be a strong competitive edge, while fitting well into the current capabilities. Today as the head of Business Development, Greg continues to uncover new ways to build consumer demand.  

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