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Everyone seems to be talking about us! In print, on the radio,

watching us on TV - you name it - people want to know what’s happening with the country’s best pork rind snack company.

What's New in 2023 ...


Salty Snacks Magazine Talks to Mintel about Seasonal Flavors
"Sally and sweet combinations strays from traditional procducts, leading to renewed excitement."


Mintel Digs into Krutones® Launch

"22% of US snackers agree that they would be interested in trying salty snacks with functional attributes ..."


Southern Recipe Small Batch Launches Pork Rind Croutons

Dallas, Texas-based Southern Recipe Small Batch has announced the newest addition to its collection of gourmet pork rinds.


Innovative Crunch: Dallas Company Launches Line of Pork Rind Croutons

Salad eaters tend to be healthy types, so here’s a new idea for them: Why not go for the gusto and sprinkle some pork rinds onto those greens?


See the SNAC World Full Spread

Rudolph Foods Founders: Mary & John Rudolph. Leaders in the pork rind revolution. "It may be a simple pork rind, but we create a better tasting, full flavor snack that outsells all other pork rind brands."


Honored for Packaging Design

Southern Recipe Small Batch Honored for Packaging Design. Presented by Graphic Design USA, the American Packaging Awards honor innovation in design, shelf appeal, and communication to consumers.

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Trends in the Snack Food Aisle

Families are framing how America snacks in 2023; Rudolph Foods' Mark Singleton explains what brands can do to help.


CBS Sports Zack Gelb: Radio Row - PRAD - Golic

Ever since he was 8 years old and took a trip to the WFAN studios in New York, Zach knew he wanted to work in sports talk radio.


Talking Gridiron Greats to Radio Row

Radio Row Rewind ... Vikings Great and Hall of Famer Carl Eller sits down with 3HL.


Maggie & Perloe: Radio Row- PRAD - Golic

Making a March Madness spread. Watch food and lifestyle influencer, Shanisty Ireland joined Good Day Columbus to share some dishes and rinks for your party.

April Press Release

Southern Recipe Small Batch Launches New Innovative Brand Extension, KRUTONES®

Leading Pork Rind Brand Brings Pork Rind Croutons to Market

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