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Partner with Rudolph Foods

For more information on how to partner with us, contact our sales team at


The competitive edge in pork rinds snacks is Rudolph Foods. Whether you’re in the market for unpopped pellets, Rudolph-branded pork rinds snacks, or private label snacks, Rudolph Foods has a winning combination.

Ph.D. in Pork Rindology

Rudolph Foods offers nearly 70 years of pork rinds experience, both domestic and international. Our seven plants in the United States are strategically placed throughout the country to ensure freshness and serve our customers efficiently.


Our international presence continues to grow, currently shipping unpopped pellets to more than thirty countries around the world. Our customers count on us for more than timely deliveries. We assist our customers with the entire process from actively setting up operations throughout the world to developing a cooking process to finish your pork rinds product.

Secret Recipe for Success


What makes us the best is our proprietary two–step production process—an industry exclusive. The process has been used for nearly 70 years since its creation by Mary Rudolph.

Mary’s secret recipe uses a slower method which allows for better control over product quality and gives our pork rinds a natural smokehouse bacon flavor. Proving its distinction from other brands, our taste and crispness has won “blind label” testing in four cities across the U.S.*


* Across a series of independent, blind label tests, on average, 72% of respondents indicated they preferred the great taste of Rudolph Foods pork rinds over our competitors. 


Executive Q & A


For more information on how to partner with us, contact our sales team at

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