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Making Pork Rinds

Pork Rinds


We've been producing the best-tasting pork rinds for nearly 70 years, still using the same secret recipe Mary Rudolph created in her family kitchen. Our proprietary slow-cooking process is what makes our quality a step above the rest. We believe - and consumers agree - this slow process makes better tasting pork rinds. Hours of work go into every rind we make. The beautiful golden color, texture, and mouthfeel promise full flavor in every bite. Simply stated, it’s the flavor of bacon consumers crave in a crunchy, low carb bite, all with more protein than other snacks.


As the favorite cousin of our signature pork rinds, cracklins are fried with the fat attached for an intense pork flavor in a compact shape. Texture dominates the snack foods category. Let this trend drive your sales with a crunch unlike any other.

Our Pork Rind Process



During Rudolph Foods’ proprietary process, pork rinds are carefully inspected carefully, slowly dried and cured using hardwood smoke. This process gives our pork rinds and cracklins a rich smokehouse bacon flavor.



Next, our pork skins are slowly rendered to remove excess oil, creating pellets that are ready for frying. This proprietary slow-cooking process gives our Rudolph Foods pork rinds their exceptional taste, texture, crunch and golden color preferred over all other pork rind snacks.



After rendering, the pellets are sorted and graded by size to ensure the cut is just right for you.


Frying, Seasoning

To carefully create finished pork rinds and cracklins, pellets are transferred into frying units where they "pop" into the finished snack. Still hot from the fryer, products move to tumblers where they are meticulously seasoned. In our automated packaging area, bags are carefully measured and filled with finished snacks, then boxed for shipping.

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